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Carl Chinn

Dr Carl Chinn MBE is a passionate Brummie born and bred. He is a Lecturer in Modern History at the University of Birmingham. He is a Radio Presenter with shows on weekday afternoons and Sunday Lunchtime on BBC Radio WM. Carl also has a new monthly magazine published called "Brummagem"


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Carl Chinn

'Proper Brummie: A Dictionary of Birmingham Words and Phrases', compiled by Steve Thorne and Carl Chinn, represents the first serious attempt to comprehensively document the Brummagem dialect. A lecturer in English Language at the University of Birmingham, Steve has provided the linguistic expertise whilst Carl has brought his historical knowledge to bear.
ProperBrummie.jpg (52768 bytes)

Proper Brummie

Carl Chinn & Steven Thorne

 All of the words and phrases included in the dictionary are Brummagemisms of one kind or another, and each has been verified as such; either through cross-referencing with dialect surveys, academic studies, existing glossaries, or confirmation received from those who actually speak the Brummagem dialect themselves or have heard it spoken by others. The sheer range, diversity and expressiveness of the words and phrases included ? from street cant, everyday idioms, betting jargon, euphemisms, Brummagem rhyming-slang, and the lingo of market traders, to pithy proverbs, old agricultural provincialisms, Shakespearean terminology, and the parlance of household appraisers ? is sure to shock even those who consider themselves to be dyed-in-the-wool Brummies. Speakers of Birmingham English have traditionally been denied a voice; silenced; written out of history. Now we are beginning to make ourselves heard.


Brum and Brummies 3
Carl Chinn

Meticulously researched, Brum and Brummies 3 includes extracts from the many accounts sent to Carl by men and women who remember the Birmingham of yesteryear. This third fully illustrated volume on the people and places of old Birmingham will reawaken many memories. The book is dedicated, in the author's words, to "all Brummies proud of our city and proud of our forebears."


Brum and Brummies. Cover Brum and Brummies Vol II
Carl Chinn
Following on the success of Vol. 1, the author has compiled a further collection of memories on the people and paces of old Birmingham. The book is illustrated with many previously unpublished old photographs.
Brum and Brummies Vol I
Carl Chinn


Our Brum Volume 3. Cover Brum Undaunted. Cover
Our Brum Vol 3
Carl Chinn
Brum Undaunted
Carl Chinn


Birmingham, the Great Working City
Carl Chinn
Birmingham: the Great Working City
Carl Chinn


Homes for People by Carl Chinn acorns.jpg (65640 bytes)
Homes for People
Carl Chinn
From Little Acorns Grow: History of the West Bromwich Building Society
Carl Chinn


The Cadbury Story. Cover Bournville Then and Now
Margaret A. Broomfield, Carl Chinn
The Cadbury Story
Carl Chinn, Adrian Cadbury


We ain't going away. Cover Britain's biggest industrial drama since the miners' strike began when German car giant BMW revealed plans to carve up Rover on 16 March 2000. Less than two months later, the company's biggest plant at Longbridge was saved by the Phoenix consortium, which pledged to maintain it as a volume car producer. Read the inside story by Carl Chinn, the community historian who led the public campaign against BMW's plans, and Stephen Dyson, the journalist who became perhaps the closest observer of the Rover affair.
We Ain't Going Away!: The Battle For Longbridge
Carl Chinn, et al


Poverty Amidst Prosperity
Carl Chin
Winson Green - My World
Gary Smith, Carl Chinn


A Walk Up the Green
Gary Smith, C. Chinn

The Life of William Hutton
Cathrine Hutton, Carl Chinn (Editor)


The Brummagem Air
Carl Chinn, Malcolm Stent, Laurie Hornsby
Audio Cassette
Any Road Up!
Carl Chinn, Laurie Hornsey
Audio Cassette



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