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Birmingham's Balti Triangle


?Float like a butterfly, sting like a chilli ! ?
- Balti, The Peoples Champion

If you?ve visited Birmingham before, you probably already know all about humble Balti dish. Originating from its more famous relative the ?Curry?, Balti cookery is now undoubtedly the nations favourite dish, but its history is still stooped in intrigue and folklore. Some claim it?s the cuisine from ?Baltistan?, an ancient city in Pakistan, while others say it?s a dish produced by 1st generation UK Curry chefs. Either way, one thing for sure is that its rapidly been accepted across the UK (and increasingly Europe) as the darling of the peoples tastebuds ? the Peoples Champion. You can now find balti restaurants from Cardiff to Copenhagen and everywhere in between!

Officially "discovered" in Birmingham?s "Balti Triangle" in 1976. the Balti dish has swept into the taste buds of the nation by tailoring its appeal for a much wider clientele. Fortunately, the focus of this world famous dish remains within Birmingham?s? Balti Triangle.. 

Whilst the traditional Curry has distinctive tastes and varying degrees of hotness, the Balti serves a flavour and zest that accommodates most appetites. Aromatic spices, fresh herbs and tantalising masalas all combine to make the Balti a unique taste-experience, tailored on an individual basis by allowing you to choose how you want it cooked.

The Balti itself is prepared and served in a pan (Karahi) much like a wok, with the food rapidly stir-fried and mixed with sauces, herbs and spices. This process ensures that the dish retains the goodness of the food, and remains reasonably light yet filling.

The Balti craze has extended to those of us who like the DIY approach to cooking, with numerous books and websites available with recipes and top tips for that personal Balti touch! You can try the award winning website for more ?Balti? related information.

Located in the Sparkbrook area (10mins from City Centre), the Balti Triangle boasts over 50 restaurants, dedicated to Indian/Pakistani cuisine, with Al Frash Balti as the recognised leader. In addition, there are many other cultural shops, ranging from Asian clothes and fashion, Exotic foods and of course "Bollywood" merchandise.



Al Frash Ladypool Road Tel: 0121 753 3120
The Very Best of Birmingham's Balti Experience
  • Established in 1991, we have always prided ourselves in providing that something extra for our clientelle.
  • Our mission is to exceed the Customers expectations by providing service and cuisine within a friendly environment. Complimentary poppadoms and dips whilst you order your meal.
  • Our Chefs are fully qualified and able to provide a prized consistency of cuisine. All Al Frash staff are trained to recommended Heath and Safety standards.
  • Efforts to be the best have resulted in numerous awards, which can be viewed in the Awards section.
  • Corporate Membership available, please Contact Us for details at

Enjoy mouth watering Balti's, sizzling Tikkas and complimentary poppadoms... all to get you relaxed and enjoying a friendly cosy atmosphere...



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