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The Bullring shopping centre

Bullring Shopping
(official website)
New Street (Bullring) Hotels ads by VirtualBrum
Brtittania HotelBritannia Hotel 
Union Passage, Birmingham, B2 4RX
The Burlington HotelBurlington Hotel 
New St, Birmingham, B2 4JQ

The Bull Ring has always been at the heart of the city. From its beginnings as a market place in the 1800s to the innovative shopping destination of the 1960s, the Bull Ring has seen many changes. The greatest change of all is now complete after it's opening by city council leader Sir Albert Bore on 4th September 2003

Virtualbrum takes a look at bullring 10 days after opening. Photographs ?www.birminghameconomy.org.uk  taken with a Fuji Finepix 2600Z with 3X zoom.  Click on the photos to enlarge.

trees.jpg (80054 bytes)
St Martin's Square

street1.jpg (81545 bytes)

debenhams.jpg (70447 bytes)
Edgbaston Street

cubes.jpg (68049 bytes)
Water Feature
St Martin's Square

street3.jpg (89679 bytes)

borders.jpg (68466 bytes)
Borders Bookshop
Edgbaston Street

debenhams2.jpg (57820 bytes)
Inside Debenhams

dixons.jpg (94181 bytes)
Dixons XL on Level 3

fcuk.jpg (102193 bytes)
(French Connection UK)

infos.jpg (65726 bytes)
Information touchscreens

jessops.jpg (65374 bytes)
Jessops photostore

lego1.jpg (77457 bytes)
Lego Shop on Level 1

lego2.jpg (80367 bytes)
Inside Lego 

leslie.jpg (110823 bytes)
Leslie Davies Jewellery

link.jpg (75478 bytes)
The Link and Body Shop on Level 2

mall1.jpg (70705 bytes)
Level 2 Mall

nandos.jpg (74131 bytes)
St Martin's Square

nelson1.jpg (78685 bytes)
Statue of Lord Nelson

pilot.jpg (59771 bytes)
Pilot on Level 1

usc.jpg (75945 bytes)
USC at the Rotunda entrance

tourism.jpg (60376 bytes)
Rotunda Tourism Centre and Ticket Shop

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