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Birmingham's Heritage and Attractions in South Birmingham


Sarehole Mill

Birmingham's only working watermill. Sarehole Mill in Hall Green There has been a mill on the site since 1542 with the current builds dating back to the 18th century.   Flour was made here, and the mill was also used to roll and smooth metal in the Industrial Revolution. The mill now houses a fine display of Victorian rural life.


Sarehole Mill. Colebank Road Hall Green
Sarehole Mill, Grindstone The surrounding bogs and marshes provided the inspiration for JRR Tolkien's Middle Earth land of magic and monsters and it formed the basis of Hobbiton Village, home of the Hobbits. The writer JRR Tolkien's, family  lived nearby at Wake Green Road and Tolkeien the mill visited as a boy. The mill is owned by the council and is soon to undergo ?100,000 facelift to improve facilities. The mill is open from April to October. Entrance is free




Highbury is fine brick mansion built in 1878  as the family home of Birmingham's famous parliamentarian Joseph Chamberlain. Many of Chamberlain's key political speeches were were written within the Highbury's magnificent gothic library.
Situated in Moseley and stands in extensive Victorian Gardens Open to the public on a few selected days every year and is available for conference and banqueting.




school.jpg (88522 bytes) Spring Hill College is situated at Wake Green to the east of Moseley village, Spring Hill College is significant in that the main features of the tower and library have been relatively little altered over the past one hundred and forty years. Whilst internally several other areas have been significantly remodelled the external elevations remain much as they were in the mid 1920's. 
The building was subject to Grade 2 listing on 22 May 1972.


Moseley Hall Dovecote

18th century octagonal brick dovecote and adjoining cowhouse, housing a permanent exhibition about dovecotes and temporary exhibitions of local interest. Nearby there is also the Icehouse built to supply the needs of the Moseley Hall Estate.


Moseley Hall Dovecote


Stratford House Stratford House

This building is hidden away from the busy Middle Ring Road at Camp Hill. It was built in 1601 as Ambrose Rotton's farm. Until the 1880's the house was owned by just two families, the Rotten's and the Simcox family. In 1926 the house was sold to LMS Railway. Since it was restored in 1954 it has been used as offices and is now up for sale.



Wake Green Road, Moseley

Before MFI and IKEA there were flatpack houses - new homes on old bombsites were the vision of postwar Britain. The last remaining of around 4,500  council-owned pre-fabricated homes built in Birmingham at the end of the Second World War are now still inhabited Grade II listed buildings.

prefabs4.jpg (113455 bytes)


Balti Tiangle The Balti Triangle

Located in the Sparkbrook area (10mins from City Centre), the Balti Triangle boasts over 50 restaurants, dedicated to Indian/Pakistani cuisine, with Al Frash Balti as the recognised leader. In addition, there are many other cultural shops, ranging from Asian clothes and fashion, Exotic foods and of course "Bollywood" merchandise.





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