VirtualBrum: Photographs of Birmingham and the West Midlands - Past, Present and Future
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Photographs of Knowle and Dorridge

Click on Picture for full size

knowlechurch.jpg (92587 bytes)
Knowle Church c1905 Consecrated 1409Guild Hall founded 1412
(C Scott)

St John the Baptist Church
knowlehounds.jpg (82627 bytes)
Knowle The Hounds c1913 
(C Scott)
   church.jpg (139776 bytes)
Knowle Parish Church 

Knowle 11-Jan-2017
Guild House 11-Jan-2017
church2.jpg (149959 bytes)
Knowle Parish Church
oldschool.jpg (78857 bytes)
Old School 05-Mar-2002

The Red Lion 11-Jan-2017
  cottages.jpg (87880 bytes)
Cottage Homes 02-Mar-2002
library2.jpg (105574 bytes)
The Library 02-Mar-2002
knot.jpg (150076 bytes)
The Knot Garden 02-Mar-2002
greswold.jpg (95534 bytes)
The Greswolde Hotel
library.jpg (99471 bytes)
highst.jpg (88016 bytes)
High Street 02-Mar-2002
  house.jpg (105758 bytes)
Warwick Road 02-Mar-2002
road.jpg (120083 bytes)
Station Road 02-Mar-2002
  wilsons.jpg (112110 bytes)
Wilson Arms 02-Mar-2002
Toby Carvery 
canalbridge.jpg (129324 bytes)
Boatyard 05-Mar-2002
dregs.jpg (113658 bytes)
Boatyard 05-Mar-2002
toplock.jpg (69588 bytes)
Knowle Locks Top Lock 05-Mar-2002 
toplock2.jpg (113278 bytes)
Knowle Locks 05-Mar-2002
canalmile.jpg (63281 bytes)
Knowle Locks 05-Mar-2002
lock2.jpg (62937 bytes)
Knowle Locks 05-Mar-2002
bottomlock.jpg (60936 bytes)
Knowle Locks 27-March-2002
oldlock2.jpg (71229 bytes)
Knowle Locks 27-March-2002
lordtrechard.jpg (66789 bytes)
Knowle Locks 27-March-2002
bottomlock.jpg (60936 bytes)
Knowle Locks 27-March-2002
nextlock.jpg (55937 bytes)
Knowle Locks 27-March-2002
coptheathcottage13.jpg (119850 bytes)
Old Cottage, Copt Heath C1912 (C Scott)
springfield.jpg (90682 bytes)
Springfield C1906 (C Scott)
springfield02.jpg (106154 bytes)
railway.jpg (53196 bytes)
The Railway Inn, Dorridge
panache.jpg (93265 bytes)
Station Road, Dorridge
station.jpg (66211 bytes)
The Station, Dorridge
dorridge.jpg (94588 bytes)
The Forrest Hotel March-2000
dorridgeshops2.jpg (77449 bytes)
Dorridge 05-Mar-2002
dorridgeshops3.jpg (79801 bytes)
Dorridge 05-Mar-2002
levelcross.jpg (98124 bytes)
The Level Crossing
  crossbox.jpg (87349 bytes)
Bentley Heath

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