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Brummie and Black Country Slang words and phrases

This page is no longer maintained Visit out new site Birmingham Slang


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Ackerdocks Aqueduct
Ackers Money
Adu How are you?
Addick Haddock (fish)
Affpast Half past the hour "the toym is affpass three"
Ar'l goo tClent  Expression of surprise
Ahr Yes
Ar bay  I am not
Ar bin I am
Arf soaked Stupid
Ahr wow  I won't 
Alloy Friend
Alley Boy Excuse of being elsewhere
Air The wife ..as in "air at um"
Ark Listen
Arbun edge "Refers to a bad cup of tea .as in ""tests loik 'Arbun Edge"". " I.e Tastes like leaves from a Harborne hedge
Arffa Half as in "arffa bitta"
Aar kid as in "awa ya doin aar kid" brother/kin
Anyroadup anyhow, anyway
Arse Cream Frozen confectionery (as in choc ice)
Avon Light commercial vehicle (as in Ford Transit)
A not going to have to
Aynit Is it not ?
Azzo as though
A bag of suck Four ounces of sweeties
Bab "used as a term for an adult woman as in ""Oroit Bab? "
Babbee Small child..the youngest
Barmy Insane
Baygoona  Not going to.
Beeza BSA motorbikes made in Small Heath
Bin  Been, as in " Wair ya bin?"
Bint Slightly derogatory term for a young woman
Bir-nin-em  Birmingham
Bison Basin. A kitchen utensil..as in "puddin bison"
Blartin Crying..lots of tears
Blastid A more polite word to use instead of "Bloody"
Bloke A gentleman
Blood Tub Cinema where Bloodthirsty Films shown.
Bokkle Bottle
Boyk Two-wheeled vehicle. (bicycle) or a lady of ill repute
Booza Ale House etc…or one who frequents one
Bosta  Large 
Bostin Terrific, excellent, fantastic etc.
Bosti fittle  Good food.
Brewy Leven Brew XI. A beer brewed by Mitchells and Butlers in Cape Hill
Bronical Chest trouble
Bug Hutch The Local Cinema
Buzz Bus a form of public transport

>A- B >C- G >H-O >P - T  >W - Z >Saying's >Districts 





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