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Brummie and Black Country Slang word and phrases

This page is no longer maintained Visit out new site Birmingham Slang

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Horse Pickle Hospital
Injin Found under the bonnet (hood) of a car
"Int, Ent, Ain't" "Isn't (as in "" It int arf code out, ar kid"""
Introy Passageway between two old houses
Irrint  It isn't
Jawanna Do you want a.. (or to..) "Jawanna gew fora pint down the pub"
Kaliye Sherbert
Kayliyed Intoxicated
Kekkle Kettle
Kinnoy  Can I ?
Kipper Tie Cup of Tea
Lard 'Ed  Thick, stupid
Larpom Toilet
L small little
Loin Shortest distance between two points
Loik Similar….or term of favourability.
Loiter Smoker's accessory
Lung Not short
Mardy a miserable mood, grumpy
Mate Sold at a butcher's shop…or a friend
Miskins Dustbins
Misses Wife..as in "me 'n the misses"
Mizzly When the weather is cold and wet
Moikrawev Microwave
Moi The month before June….or 'belonging to me..'
Mom Used instead of 'Mum'
Mooch Look as in "A mooch around the shops"
Morkins someone stupid
Mower Something additional
Mowta automobile ( as in "Me mowta needs an injin")
Mucker A good friend that can always be relied on to lend a hand with any job no matter how dirty. He will always muck in with you.
Nah No
Noyse  Nice; as in " Tarrair dunnarf luck noyse terday"
Oh-ahrr Yes (kind off a fill in word when talking stopped or hesitated)
Oice Cream Same as "Arse Cream" but even tastier!!
Oil I will
Om  I am
On a Loin  Annoyed, angry 
Ooroyt hello (informal greeting)
Out Door Off Licence
Quoit Exactly, entirely
Or roit? Are you well?....okay?
Orse Rowed Thoroughfare..used generally by "Senior Brummies"
Otchin  method of propulsion (while sitting) used by babies before they can walk
Owamya "Owamya Bin Keepin" Nothing to do with the worlds most wanted man. How are you and have you been keeping well.
Oya Hello

>A- B >C- G >H-O >P - T  >W - Z >Saying's >Districts 





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