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Brummie and Black Country Slang words and phrases

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Palaver a vexing situation
Parky  Cold, chilly
Pays "Peas - as in "" Kinnoy av a cartin 'o mushy pays, ploise?"
Ploise Please
Poiklits Pikelets (West Midlands name for crumpets):
Poise Made of pastry..as in "stoik 'n keednoy poise"
Point Large glass of ale..one eight of a gallon
Poyper Paper
Rayjoe Radio, wireless
Reuter One who writes, an author
Rezza  Edgbaston Reservoir
Rocks  Sweets
Roit Bosta Something very good
Rowud Road as in 'Om agoowin darn the towun alung the orse rowud'.
Rung Incorrect
Safta This afternoon
Scrubba Prostitute
Skooill School
Sellablige "To work things out as in "" Oil avva quick sellablige and lit yow know" ow mooch munnay oi've got."""
Sharrabang Coach
Shudup  "Shut up, Be quiet."
Skelington  Skeleton
Slash  Crude term for to urinate
Stroids Trousers
Strung Powerful, not weak
Suff Outside kitchen drain
Sukka Frozen confectionery on a stick.
Summat Something
S'up What's up
Ta Thank You
Take-up Drinking vessel usually with a saucer.
Tennarf 'I agree' as in "code to die - tennarf"
Ta rah Goodbye!
Tay It is not
Tests  Tastes
The'ay There
The Knob Alcester Lane's End
Trarabit  See you again soon
Tittybabbi person or child acting like immaturely, like an infant at the breast
To die Between yesterday and tomorrow
Toil Ceramic wall covering
Toughie Form of confectionery. as in "toughie appul"
Towun Town 'Om agoowin darn the towun alung the orse rowud'.
Toy Fashion accessory usually worn around the neck
Trarabit Goodbye and see you again soon.
Trazis  Trousers.
Troin Form of transport that runs on tracks.
Tuffpaste Toothpaste
Turts Hurts
Tussock  irritating cough (as in "er ay arf gorra tussock onna")
Tuth  Tooth
Tuttie Pegs Baby teeth

>A- B >C- G >H-O >P - T  >W - Z >Saying's >Districts 





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